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Learning Through Play

Our syllabus is designed in a structured periodised manner, in which the 11 motor skills a child needs to develop are taught throughout the year.

Jumping, kicking, catching etc are all developed throughout the year.

Diet and overall well being is also reinforced during the course.

The course runs though out the year, and the children receive their trophy on their graduation at Xmas time.


Free T-Shirt on Enrolment

Your child's name and their favourite number is put on the back.

Book before DEC 31 and you get 20% discount.

East Ivanhoe Bowls Club
153 The Boulevard VIC 3079


  1. Wiorld Cup Soccer (Dress up in Green & Gold)

  2. Athletics

  3. Obstacle Course

  4. Rugby

  5. AFL

  6. Disco

  7. Basketball

  8. Baseball

  9. Bean Bags

  10. Tennis


  1. Hockey

  2. Cricket

  3. Basketball

  4. Rugby

  5. Soccer

  6. Lawn Bowls

  7. Yoga

  8. AFL

  9. Volley Ball

  10. Graduation / Xmas Party

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Healthy Aussie Kids really went the extra mile for our party. 

The coach arrived early and help me organise the party.

Thank you

Ryan Barker


All the kids were active and participated in all the activities.

I fully recommend Healthy Aussie Kids.

Trish Davies

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